Cryptocurrency Analyst at CoinFi


Cryptocurrency Analyst

Full-Time in Hong Kong - Finance

We’re a fast-moving cryptocurrency media and software startup looking for a motivated, driven and resourceful Cryptocurrency Analyst to join our team in Hong Kong.

Our Story

When CoinFi cofounder Tim quit his job as a hedge fund trader to trade cryptocurrency full-time, he realized there was a lack of institutional calibre research and trading tools like he was accustomed to on Wall Street.

Tim, Han, and Nate realized there was a big gap in the market that we could solve with a new type of crypto market intelligence platform.

We quickly got to work and in Aug 2017 launched a token sale. This culminated in Jan 2018 when we raised $15M USD to grow our cryptocurrency media and software startup. Thanks to the token sale, we already have a subscriber list of 80,000+ readers and a telegram community of 23,000+ crypto investors.

While it’s still early, we’re on our way to becoming the leading provider of cryptocurrency market analysis and trading intelligence for the cryptocurrency markets.

What’s it like working with us?

We’re a fast moving startup, not a draconian hedge fund where you are expected to sit at the desk for 12 hours a day. We have capital and a big mission, we’re looking for top performers to join us as we step on the gas and get things done quickly.

We believe cryptocurrencies is like equities in the 90’s at the start of a multi-year bull run, with many money making trading strategies due to market inefficiencies. There is a huge opportunity for early movers to capture market share.

Growing this business is something we think about around the clock, and in this position it should be something you think about a lot as well. We’re committed to working as a team to create a truly exceptional product.

At the same time, we do believe in being productive, not busy. Team members aren’t expected to come into the office on weekends. We are located at WeWork a dynamic co-working space and you’ll have the freedom to work in multiple hotdesks in the building as well as your dedicated desk.

We value continuous learning, self improvement and self-reflection. We like to share ideas and engage in healthy debate - there are no sacred cows - we approach new ideas with an open mind and evaluate them from first principles.

If you’re looking to stop thinking about work by 5PM everyday, this role isn’t for you. But if you love writing, analytical thinking, learning new things, have an interest in cryptocurrencies, and want to help build something cool in an exciting growth industry with a team of easy-going, but high-performing people - then you’ll fit right in!

What will you be doing?

You’ll be working closely with one of our co-founders to plan and write CoinFi’s cryptocurrency research & analysis. We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

Analytical Thinking: Analyze cryptocurrency trends and projects and publish your own unique analysis & opinion on them.

Research: Has an inquisitive mind and can dig deeply into cryptocurrency projects / themes to come up with a detailed fundamental analysis backed by facts.

Valuation: Investigate and publish valuation models on cryptocurrencies.

Connect: Reach out to CoinFi’s rolodex of industry leaders for a pulse on the current industry trends.

Publish: Write high quality research markets on a cadence of 2 pieces of research a week.

This position is for you if you:

  • Have 2+ years experience in institutional finance as an investment banking research, or buy side analyst
  • Have exceptional written communication skills - being able to quickly pen an idea to paper with a specific deadline is a must.
  • Are a hustler - first and foremost you need to be someone who gets things done. You pride yourself on being able to figure things out.
  • A bonus is if you have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Ideally you are passionate about the space or run your own book.
  • Fluent in English


We are willing to pay above market rates for a superstar candidate matching a buy/sell side analyst role with performance based upside bonus.

If you’re that candidate, please include your current salary history and expectations along with your application.

If you’re currently based outside of Hong Kong, we’re also willing to provide a full relocation package to Hong Kong with plenty of benefits.

How Do I Apply?

Please attach your CV and also an example research report written by you to this application.